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Personal Finance: Jake and Mike Series-Part 2 Getting out of college

The college is almost over, and everyone is deciding on what needs to be done next. Parents are ever curious about what their child’s next move will be. There is a lot of factors when you’re in your final year. I will give different scenarios and you can relate these scenarios with some of your friends.

  • I have taken a loan; thus, I need to find a job and start earning. I need to pay back the loan. My parents are not that capable at present to pay back the loan. It is my responsibility to pay back the educational loan since I am the one who did the education. Hence, I am obliged to find a job, any job.

  • I am done with India. I want to settle abroad. But doing a master's abroad and getting a job there is the best chance to settle abroad. I might as well start researching about master’s abroad and start preparing for GRE. I always wanted to experience how studying abroad will be. The added advantage here is, dollar currency is worth more than Indian currency! That settles.

  • This graduation is one hell of a ride. I loved it and I want to do more. I am super curious to learn more about my field. I shall look for a master's in India since I don’t have the financial aid right now to go abroad. I shall start studying and prepare myself for GATE.

  • I don’t know why I landed up here, but I am more into business and management direction now. I love the world of calculation, finance, statistics, and graphs. MBA seems like a good opportunity. After all, MBA people are paid well, also have a sense of pride when we say we are MBA graduates.

  • I am pretty much not sure what to do. If I get a job, I will go there. I will try attending for GATE, CAT, GRE, and everything. Whichever I get, I will go to that. Let’s see how it comes on the way. I will handle it as it goes.

  • I am done with studying. I want to do something of my own. I want to start a startup in my name. I want to do something that makes me happy and keeps me alive each day. I don’t want to work under anyone. So, let me decide on what idea I should have for my startup.

  • Anyways my dad (family) is doing a business. It's already an established one. I might as well just join him and study the business. It seems easy and I will follow in my father’s footsteps. Since he’s there to back me up in difficult times, it's less stressful.

  • I want to relax. These 3-4 years of studying have taken a toll on me. I want some months to break to think clearly and to conclude on what I need to do further. After all, I will be doing this for the rest of my life, so why not take a break and think clearly before committing something.

  • What other job is there which is more secure than a government job. The peace of mind and the benefits you get from a government job are immense. Let me study for a government job. I think I will start preparing for Bank PO, RBI, Railway, RRB, etc. You know how vast government job opportunities are, right.

  • I want to serve my nation, to be the best. I am thinking of joining the defense or becoming an aspiring IAS officer. Whichever it is, it is worth it, and I need to focus for at least a year to get through this.

  • I want to help people, basically become a social worker. It gives me great pride in helping people all around, talking about their difficulties, and finding a solution for them. I want to bring a new change to people all around me. I might also think about taking tuitions as I did during my college time, I enjoyed teaching students.

These are the scenarios I can come up with right now. As you read this, you will also come up with many different cases and I would love to hear those in the comment box.

Well, Jake wasn’t sure what to do. Taking as Jake now. I have all the money to spend (Parent's money) and not worry about life, in terms of the future also, I am not sure what to do. So, I am deciding to do nothing and to see what comes next. He plans to attend job interviews, write GATE, GRE exams, and also put a hand on government exams.

All this he has in his mind and plans on to implement what comes first. If I get a job first, I will better stick with it. If I don’t get anything, I might as well go with the flow. Luckily, I got the job in ABC private limited. A wonderful multinational company. I guess the people who took the interview knew my dad, so I got through. Anyways, let’s see how the new professional job career looks like.

Mike is obliged to take a job. Mike’s parents couldn’t afford his education money, so they took an education loan for him. Since he is passing out of his graduation, Mike now needs to start repaying the loan. The good part about education loans is that the interest starts accumulating once you pass out from your college, a small relief. I tried 2 interviews, but since my English isn’t good, they declined me. I am from a state school and people barely speak English there. I guess this is what I am, and I need to try my maximum to communicate what I have in my mind with my broken English.

It's now the fate of the interviewer to take me in. Alas, finally I got into ABC private limited. I am ever thankful for my interviewer who understood my problems and listened to my English with utmost curiosity. He did suggest I upscale my English which I thought would be the end of my selection and I would have been out, but I got through. I am super grateful for my parents and teachers because of whom I got this offer. I am super excited to work in India’s best multinational company.

Since I now know how difficult it is to get a job, I will help my friends to pass the aptitude test and the interview process. My friends find it difficult to get through the interview process, fate is not always with everyone.

It’s the end of our college, and it's time to move on. For some of us, we got into companies. Others made up their mind for higher education while others cling to government jobs. Some are determined to leave India while others looking after their family-run business. Whatever it is, everyone has something or the other in their mind.

The start of professional life is going to be very different for these two people, even though they are in the same company with the same salary. Let’s see how these people are going to manage their finances and try to live their life through the busy rat race.

Check out the page to know more about financial planning and the stock market. Subscribe to know when the next episode will pop out. Jake and mike are on their way to make a mark on their professional life and career.



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