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How to start your own website

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Why do you need to build your own website?

There will be a ton of reasons why you want to start your website and a ton of excuses why you haven’t started one. At the end of the day, everyone wants to do something different other than their daily boring job. Everyone wants to make their life exciting and make every day a new day full of challenges. So, why not start with that idea you have been thinking of for a long time or that business plan you desperately want to start.

There is no one stopping you apart from yourself and your negative thoughts. So, put all those negativities aside, let’s explore why you need to build a website, which niche to target on and the ways to start your own website.

Let’s see what the types are of websites one thinks of building.

Business Website

Suppose you lose your job today and you decide to start a business. You have been dreaming to start your own business for years and narrow down your idea to start your own online business. This can be E-commerce, Content creation, photography, blogging and many more. This all depends on want you want to achieve through your business.

Portfolio Website

This is in case you want to showcase your projects and achievements through an online platform so that they can be accessed by anyone. You want to use these website links when you’re applying to companies and want to design your own layout of your portfolio. This is a great idea for recent graduates and for the people who are switching companies and applying for jobs.

As a Hobby

If you are so much passionate about what you do as time pass, you can think of making a website to showcase your talent. This can be photography, cooking, playing, reading and many more. In the long run, you can use this to get freelance jobs or monetize your website through Ads.

Which niche should I focus on?

This is a very complicated question as the niche which you want can be one and the niche which the audience wants can be another. If you’re interested in photography and your planning to start a website but to get an audience for this niche can be very difficult as the photography niche has a very competitive space.

But the audience for photography equipment “lights’’ can target a few sustaining and recurring audiences for your website, but you don’t want to narrow down your niche. This brings a conflict in your own idea, and this can potentially stop you from starting your own website.

How to start my own website?