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BICYCLE, Not Anymore

I always enjoyed my tour on my bicycle with my friends during my school days. As time passed by, so did the bicycle got old and rusty. Though I have completed my Automobile Engineering at SCT College, I really didn’t do anything practical with my knowledge. I had a dream of converting my bicycle into a self-running vehicle. Motorcycle as we call in our engineering language. My bicycle was exactly suited for extending its frames to accommodate the engine cause it had a suspension in the middle. Removing the suspension made the frame come out in two parts. With a high ego, a smaller 50cc engine was out of my league, so I went for a big and heavy 100cc hero Honda engine. At first, you start with ground zero knowledge, time will gain you everything on how you should proceed. I got my engine and parts from A.V.M spare parts near powerhouse road. Ratheesh was always a helping hand in supplying the needed parts and with valuable advice. The frame was made strong for the engine to sit and visiting lots of workshops nearby made me realize a one brain system cannot achieve a goal unless many minds put ideas into that brain. The use of disc brakes allowed for better braking and dual-drive mechanism endured for smoother transmission. The whole credit goes to Mom and Dad who believed in my dreams and held my hand together to make it a reality.

See the video below which was featured in Jeevan TV channel:



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