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The Basics of Stock Market


What is this book about

With over 40,000 words, 128 Pages, 16 Chapters and 100+ Glossary words, this is the best book to start out your career into the stock market where it highlights right from the basic concept to the advanced concepts explained in detailed.

If you’re starting out in the world of finance and looking for materials and articles to read and study, then this is a good start. Even if you’re an experienced person and you want to brush up your knowledge, this might be a great opportunity for you.


Contents of this book

This book is divided into 16 chapters starting from formation of a business to Technical/Fundamental Analysis. I have specifically started with this chapter since it is very important for you to first understand how a business is formed to understand how the stock market with stocks operate

Chapter List

  1. Starting and formation of a Business

  2. Understanding our investors

  3. Why a company want to get listed in the stock market

  4. Company filing for the IPO process

  5. What happens after the IPO process

  6. What is SEBI? What is SEBI’s role in financial market in India?

  7. Role of stock exchanges in India

  8. How stock market prices fluctuate in a day

  9. Three types of accounts you need to start trading

  10. Types of traders/investors in the stock market

  11. Types of Investors in the stock market

  12. How to calculate your investment returns

  13. What are stock market indexes, why are they important

  14. Discount broker, full-service broker and what are the brokerage charges

  15. Benefits of owning a share-Corporate actions

  16. Technical Analysis Vs Fundamental Analysis


Happy Learning!

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