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The World of Blogging

When Video Comes Alive


World of NFTs

In the World of NFTs, we are conquering how finance and art meets the world around us.

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The basics of Stock Market

With over 40,000 words, 128 Pages, 16 Chapters and 100+ Glossary words, this is the best book to start out your career into the stock market where it highlights right from the basic concept to the advanced concepts explained in detailed.

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The Aniston Antony's Show

I will be talking about life in general. How we can improve our lives. Find better ways to hack ourselves into living the better life we have always dreamed of. 

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UX Portfolio

Hand crafted personalised website where I talk about my experience as a UX Designer in detail. You will get to know about my UX projects, Professional Experience, Education, Certifications, Hobbies, and more.

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“The experience browsing through the content especially the blogs was an amazing experience, super easy to navigate and use."

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"A ocean of knowledge where you can get just about everything related to finance, stock market and more"

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"The book which is written on the basics of stock market has been the best book which I have read so far. Keep it going"

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